The design of follows all other CS:GO gambling sites. And that is usually a black or a dark background with colorful text and boxes up in front to provide color contrast. This place is 100% legit. This business is either affiliated or owned by CSGOLive,which makes it a good thing since CSGO Live is one of the most reputable and long standing case opening businesses out there. Because of that affiliation, the user count who are playing here is very high. That speaks a lot about a business since no one would gamble in a place where people think it is a scam.The platform allows the users to bet on different games and win big. Steam login is required to sign up on WTFSkins but it should be known that the site is not affiliated with Valve in any way. There is a decent variety of methods to make withdrawals and there are multiple ways to make bets.You should be well aware that if you play with gem then you are going to be paid in Gems. When you wager using skins and you will be paid with skins of the same rarity/value.



If you link your Twitter account with them, you get an automatic bonus of .10 Diamonds, and every time people who used your Twitter invite to play, you gain 0.50% of the Diamond cost they used to bet.


Another bonus is if you put the URL in your Steam profile, you can actually activate a bonus giving you more money if you win the Upgrade game.

They just have three games here, and the first is Crash. Crash is the place you need to make a conjecture on when to money out, something like a genuine securities exchange ticker. There are not a lot of unique features here, however, and regarding the Live Tracker, I hate how they implement it in this site.

Another game is called Upgrade. This copies the betting mode inside CS:GO where you attempt to exchange up to a skin that is of an a lot higher worth. The main contrast with WTFSkins and CS:GO is that you can utilize one sort of thing here rather than 10 when you are doing an trade up contract in CS:GO. The last game is Roulette.


In Roulette, players can bet on any 3 coins, which are named as "Red" , "Black" and "Green".  After twelve seconds, the roulette chooses one of the symbols at random, and the user receives coins when hitting the chosen coin.There are a total of 15 slots, 7 for Red and Black each, and 1 for Green. A T or CT bet gives you the chance to double your money, and  Green color pays 14 to 1.

CSGO Jackpot:  The way it works is that a pot is used by the competing players to deposit skins. After depositing, the players receive a ticket which is based on the rarity of the skins deposited by the player. The game ends when the pot randomly picks out one winning ticket and the holder of the tickets gets all the skins in the pot. You should know that WTFSkins takes a 5% cut of the winnings.

After the entire Valve embargo adventure, numerous sites were closed down. Be that as it may, WTFSkins was among those survivors who developed a decent range of payment methods to facilitate its users. They have presented WAX Express Exchange with the goal that the clients can make exchanges utilizing VGO skins.  These include Skrill, Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, G2A Pay and that's just the beginning. As recently referenced, you can just make withdrawals in VGO skins which causes exchanging simple and you can ignore the trade bans.


In the end, it is fair that WTFSkins is amongst the top tier platforms when it comes to CSGO betting. There are some of the popular games on the web that you can play with ease. The players can easily bet on games without exchanging skins and providing bonuses on a regular basis is surely a great way to attract new users. We are confident that the site will continue to expand to compete with one of the best nems in the business.

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