CSGO500 is marginally extraordinary to others in that it is totally centered around roulette. In any case, what dazzles me is the imagination they have placed into the game.Instead of the typical 3 colors CS:GO roulette game, this platform offers 4 different colors, a 2x, 3x, 5x and 50x.Obviously if the multiplier is high and it goes up it means that you also have a high chance of loosing your bux.What I like is that you get to decide how much risk you want to take each time, and this allows for more winning systems and strategy. Moreover, they have a provably fair system in which you can verify the correctness of the previous roll.!


By far among all the websites ive given review on or wrote an article, csgo500 design is the best and unique.The black and red color combination gives a unique and decent look to  website and attracts the customer.It is additionally incredibly simple to utilize; it has a visit tab on the left hand side of the page, however what makes the talk one of a kind is it offers separate English, Turkish and Russian visit to make correspondence with different individuals simpler. In any case, know that you should be in any event Level 10 to utilize visit; this is to prevent individuals from spamming or mishandling the element.In addition to this, you can also change the language of the service (at the moment there is the choice of about 20 languages).The options feature next to this allows you to quickly navigate through the website, for example, if you wanted to deposit or even just to change your account settings. They also have a Twitter page link, which is easy to find and can be used for a contact.


Match Betting : they have recently introduced match betting. Betting on matches of the main CS:GO professional championships. The user just has to choose a winning team in one of the matches and bet.

 Roulette : In Roulette, players can bet on any 3 coins, which are named as "Red" , "Black" and "Green".  After twelve seconds, the roulette chooses one of the symbols at random, and the user receives coins when hitting the chosen coin.There are a total of 15 slots, 7 for Red and Black each, and 1 for Green. A T or CT bet gives you the chance to double your money, and  Green color pays 14 to 1.


After the entire Valve embargo adventure, numerous sites were closed down. Be that as it may, WTFSkins was among those survivors who developed a decent range of payment methods to facilitate its users. They have presented WAX Express Exchange with the goal that the clients can make exchanges utilizing VGO skins.  These include Skrill, Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, G2A Pay and that's just the beginning. As recently referenced, you can just make withdrawals in VGO skins which causes exchanging simple and you can ignore the trade bans.On CSGO500, you can deposit  CSGO,  DOTA skins and the currency which they use is known as "bux".There are tons of depositing and withdrawing options such as mastercard, visa, CSGO skins, btc, eth, ecopayz etc.In order to withdraw, simply go to the shop page, and using your “bux” just select a skin that you have enough money for, and this will be sent to your inventory. For example, an AK-47 redline skin is worth 18,152  bux at the time of writing this article.


One of the main features of the site is its generous bonuses and promotions. Every 24 hours, you are able to get free 50 bux just by pressing the claim button and filling in a captcha to prove you are not a robot. In fact, as you level up, this daily reward keeps on increasing!You can also subscribe to their notifications, meaning they can send you news and also updates about giveaways. As a bonus, you will receive 100 bux just for signing up to this!


The Reputation of CSGO 500 is very good among the CSGO community, many youtubers like Prodigy, juicy , WatchGamesTV have talked about this site and gambled on, this site has been operating since 2016 and I think its pretty cool and they have experience.

CSGO500 is very responsive to problems, The staff is experienced and willing to help players with any problems or questions they might have. An informative FAQ section is also available on the site, which covers the most common questions regarding the platform’s games and use.

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